About Us
Flowfy simplifies your business in B2B marketplace

Our Passion

Fashion can make people confident, comfortable, and happy.
Fashion’s all about beauty, comfort, and simplicity.

If you are a wholesaler, you try to make fantastic items and sell them through various channels.
If you are a retailer, you try to find the best products and purchase them easily.

However, complications are inevitable to arise in any situation.
But sometimes you can't avoid a process neither beautiful nor comfortable nor simple to complete. The process of wholesale is generally longer and more complex.

You have to deal with a majority of logistical issues, as well as having your money tied up instead of being invested in growing your business. You might be very good at handling all the complexity, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

What if you can just focus on designing, selling, and buying?

Our Vision

Flowfy focuses on the growth of small & medium businesses.

In the present situation where the fashion wholesale market is being switched online, we would like to help your online B2B orders to be bigger, easier, and cheaper.

Flowfy, along with our market leading partners, begins a service that allows the order for a successful B2B transaction to be processed online through credit payment and delivery management.

We will continue to expand. Understanding the complexity of the Fashion B2B business, we will evolve for your better B2B deal.

A Global Partner Network

  • Brandboom is the leading B2B e-commerce platform. Brandboom helps you create beautiful line sheet presentations, intelligently finds you new buyers, and helps you collect orders and payments.

  • TreviPay is a global B2B payments company specializing in payment and credit management, setting the stage for the future of omni-channel B2B payments by extending terms, handling invoicing and managing collections.

  • Over 25 years, Samsung C&T America Inc. has been conducting textile and fashion infrastructure business based on its logistics, financial, and system capabilities.